Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Introduction Learning Life - Tools for Teens

Hey there young friends! Welcome to my new blog designed to mentor you through both the serious and lightweight questions you may have as you're pushing your way through high school and preparing for the exciting but intimidating real world - a world where you will become an adult!

Below are some topics I'll cover through these blogs. The title will be relevant to the topic so if you're not interested then just breeze on past, but please stay tuned for topics that do interest you!

First, you (and most definitely your parents) might want to know who I am. My name is Wendy and I won't write a biography right here but you can learn more by visiting my two business websites:, and

Here's a snapshot: I am 33 years old, married since 2007 and we have an amazing little boy who will be ONE in a few time flies. And that should be life lesson number one: TIME FLIES!

I am a professional writer and an entrepreneur. I am crazy about animals, including our two huge dogs, Mo & Panda.

I've had many, many, jobs (but never fired) so needless to say I can't wait to talk to you about career paths, preparing yourself to do what you love - and having a back up plan that is realistic. Anyway, until then, feel free to email me directly at:

I hope I can be your mentor and friend as you're asking yourself, "How is my life going to turn out?"

Bye for now curious cats,


What are life skills?

Personal finances: checking & savings accounts
Credit management
How to invest
How to rent or buy a home
How to lease or buy a car

Life skills are also...

Street smarts, including self defense, anti-drugs and anti-smoking
The basics of college: Where do I go? How do I apply? How do I pay for it?
Finding a career path that makes sense and having back up plans
The basics of entrepreneurship
Managing a home and automobile
Stress and time management

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